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Langley Regional Airport


 A Progressive Community Airport...

There are few better places to establish your aviation business, to park your airplane or to visit  than Langley Regional Airport.  Located only six kilometers from the U.S. border and 45 minutes by car from Vancouver, Langley Regional Airport is an exciting destination point in itself, and is the centre point or hub of the Lower Mainland Langley area. Please take the time to browse through this website and plan your next business or holiday visit around us.

Langley Airport... well diversified... distinct in flavour !

Langley Regional Airport is often described as a jewel of an airport in a perfect setting. The energy in growth of its surrounding area complemented by rural open areas is reflected in the manner in  which the airport is developing. Its 120 acres of commercial and recreational lands have experienced unprecedented growth throughout the past few years. At present the airport is buzzing with new activity. Revenue from their leases and gas sales pay for the airport's operation and development. Numerous articles have been written over the past years describing Langley Airport as a Helicopter Mecca and a center of excellence for rotary wing aircraft. Unassuming in nature Langley Airport has become an international center for helicopter services. This success has been achieved mostly by design.

Langley airport has integrated itself with the local communities of  Langley City and and the Langley Township having become a destination not only for jobs, high-tech industry and service industry but also one for fun, learning and celebration. Since 1997, the airport has been the location of numerous large scale and small scale community events. The airport continues to evolve and keep pace with the local community, it strives to maintain and keep its reputation as the best community airport in the province.

AC AIRWAYS - Air Taxi Service


The Township of Langley is proud to offer chartered air service from Langley Regional Airport to numerous locations throughout BC.  If you are looking for an air charter service for business or pleasure, AC Airways can fly you anywhere in Western Canada. AC Airways is conveniently located on the North side of the Langley Regional Airport. No need to worry about traffic, parking is free. AC Airways is Transport Canada approved and uses a Cessna 210 aircraft capable of carrying three passengers and a full compliment of baggage. AC Airways also offers sightseeing flights, tours, or custom itineraries to suit your needs. AC Airways offers flexibility and convenience to passengers by flying on your schedule and accommodating flights booked on short notice. For the most current and up to date flight booking information contact AC Airways at 604-533-4400. 



COPA Convention & Langley Aero Club Fly-in, June 2011

Pictures are now online at www.copacon2011.ca